- User Guide

Connecting to a Smartphone

When the camera is connected to a smartphone via a Wi-Fi network, you can use your smartphone to shoot remote photos and view still images/videos.

  1. Press the power button on the camera to turn the power on

  2. Press the wireless button to turn the wireless function on

    • The wireless lamp flashes blue.
  3. Display the Wi-Fi settings of your smartphone
  4. Select the SSID of the camera from the network list and enter the password

    • The serial number printed on the base of the camera is the same as the SSID and password.
      The SSID is "THETA" plus the serial number in the (B) section plus .OSC (in this case "THETAXS00001017.OSC"). The password is the numbers in the (A) section (in this case "00001017").
    • You can change the password from your smartphone.
    • The password is initialized by pressing and holding the wireless button while the power is on. The power turns off automatically at this time.
    • When the wireless connection is complete, the wireless lamp lights blue.

Wireless Lamp

The status of the wireless lamp shows the Wi-Fi status of the camera.

Lit in blue:
Wi-FI function on (connected to Wi-Fi network)
Flashing in blue:
Wi-FI function on (not connected to Wi-Fi network)
Wi-Fi function off

Date and Time Settings

The date and time of the camera are synchronized with the smartphone when connected.

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