Quick Reference Guide



Charging the camera

Connect the camera to your computer using the provided USB cable to charge it. The power lamp lights red during charging and goes out when the camera is fully recharged.

* When the remaining battery level is low, it may take a while for the camera to be recognized by the computer


Installing computer application

Download the app suitable for your computer.

Double click the file downloaded and install it following the on-screen instructions. When a screen as shown in the diagram below appears, the installation is complete.


Installing smartphone app

Access a site to download smartphone apps and search for "RICOH THETA" Or install the app from the link below.


Checking and changing the camera settings

Start the installed smartphone app. From the gear symbol, change [Change Wi-Fi password]/[Transfer method]/[Sleep mode]/[Camera shutter volume].

* The date and time of the camera are synchronized with the smartphone when the camera is connected to the smartphone and the smartphone app "RICOH THETA" is started.
* "Change Wi-Fi Password", "Sleep Mode" and "Camera shutter volume" can be set only when the camera is connected to the smartphone.

The images of the smartphone app are from RICOH THETA for iPhone. They may partially differ from RICOH THETA for Android.