RICOH THETA m15 / 2013 Models

Quick Reference Guide


Viewing video on your computer


Saving video onto your computer

Save video file (.mov) onto your computer from the camera.
Windows: Follow the instructions on the screen display.
Mac: Use iPhoto or Image Capture.


Selecting video

Launch RICOH THETA for PC (a computer application), and drag and drop the imported video (.mov ).

*You can also launch it by selecting [File] >>[Open] in the menu


Viewing video

Select the destination to save in the [Output directory] and click [Start]. After conversion of the video file, playback starts.

*At the next playback, choose the video file (.mp4) converted by selecting [File]>>[Open]

Viewing video on your smartphone


Starting the camera

Press the [Power] button to turn the camera on. Check that the wireless lamp lights red. Press the [Wireless] button if it is not lit.


Connecting the camera to a smartphone

Select the SSID of the camera in the Wi-Fi settings of the smartphone and enter the serial number for password. The serial number printed on the base of the camera is the same as the SSID and password.


Starting the smartphone application

Start the RICOH THETA app on the smartphone, and then tap [App].


Transferring videos

Tap [Cam images], and then start transfer by tapping [Thumbnail] for the video you want to transfer.
・ The camera mark and file size are displayed on the videos.
・ Videos play back automatically when transfer is complete so you can view them here.


Viewing video

From the next time it can be viewed from the [Device images] .

* Note that if an image is deleted from the "Photos" App, it is also deleted from "Device images".

The images of the smartphone app are from RICOH THETA for iPhone. They may partially differ from RICOH THETA for Android.