User Guide

Separately Sold Products

  • Attachment for Strap (AT-1)

    Used to attach a strap to the camera.

  • Extension Adapter (TE-1)

    The adapter to avoid interference between a USB cable and a tripod when they are connected to the camera.

  • Cable Switch (CA-3)

    The shutter button on the cable switch can be used to take pictures in place of the shutter button on the camera.

  • Lens Cap (TL-2)

    The dedicated compact cap to protect the camera lens section.
    You can perform shooting without blurs by installing this cap on the bottom of the camera and placing it on a flat table.

  • Semi-hard Case (TS-2)

    The dedicated semi-hard case to protect the camera.
    As the bottom of the case is notched, the camera with the AT-1 or TE-1 installed can be put in the case as it is.

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