User Guide

Viewing Captured Still Images and Videos

You can move on the screen by moving the camera.
Move onto the image to view in the image list, and then press the shutter button.

  • Image list

: Refreshes the screen display.

: Displays the license information.


You can display a desired area of a spherical image taken with the camera, and zoom in or out to check details in the image.
To change the display area, move the camera while pressing the shutter button.

Press the shutter button when an image is displayed in the Viewer to display the buttons and perform various operations.

  • During still image display

: Returns to the image list.

: Zooms in on the image.

: Zooms out on the image.

  • During video playback

: Returns to the image list.

: Repeats playback from the beginning.

/: Plays back/pauses the video.

: Zooms in on the video.

: Zooms out on the video.

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