User Guide

Recording a 360 Degrees Spatial Audio

You can record a 360 degrees spatial audio using the built-in microphone of the camera or an external microphone.

Using the Built-in Microphone

A 360 degrees spatial audio can be recorded with four microphones incorporated in the camera.

Using an External Microphone

A 360 degrees spatial audio with a higher quality can be recorded with the 3D microphone TA-1 (sold separately).
Connect the 3D microphone to the microphone terminal and tripod mount hole at the bottom of the camera.


  • If the camera is used near a broadcast tower or high-tension wire, a noise may occur.
  • While shooting videos, camera operation sounds may be recorded.
  • If the holes for the built-in microphone are blocked, 360 degrees spatial audios may not be recorded properly.
  • If the camera is touched during recording, a noise is recorded.
  • The built-in microphone is disabled when the 3D microphone is connected.
  • Use a tripod for shooting and recording when the 3D microphone is connected.
  • For details on the 3D microphone, see the user guide provided with the microphone.
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