User Guide

Shooting Videos while Connected to a Smartphone

You can capture videos using the basic app for smartphone.

  1. Turn on the power of the camera.

  2. Press the mode button to select the video mode.

    • Video icon lights.
  3. Connect the camera to a smartphone via a wireless LAN or Bluetooth®.
  4. Start the basic app for smartphone.
  5. Tap to capture a video.
    • Tap to stop shooting. (Shooting can also be stopped by pressing the shutter button of the camera.)
    • Tap in the upper right-hand corner of the screen to change the video size, etc.


  • If a video is captured while the camera is connected to a smartphone with the GPS function enabled, position information is recorded for the video.
  • Videos can also be captured using the shutter button of the camera.
  • The following operations are not available with the basic app for smartphone while capturing videos.
    • Viewing images in the camera
    • Transferring images from the camera
    • Deleting images from the camera
  • Meta data that is compatible with the 360 degree video format is added when a video is transferred to a smartphone. Videos that have meta data added can be shared and viewed as spherical images on YouTube.


  • The video with a length of 5 minutes or more may not be transferred to a smartphone.
  • The video may not be played back on a smartphone or computer depending on the video settings.
  • The camera may become hot when shooting videos for a long period of time. In this case, the camera may stop operating to prevent damage from high temperatures.
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