User Guide

Changing the Plug-in

You can use the camera in a special mode using the plug-in installed in the camera.

Changing the Plug-in Using the Basic App for Smartphone

  1. Turn on the power of the camera.

  2. Connect the camera to a smartphone via a wireless LAN.
  3. Start the basic app for smartphone, and then tap [Settings].
    • The [Settings] screen is displayed.
  4. Tap [Camera settings].
    • The [Camera settings] screen is displayed.
  5. Tap [Plug-in], and then tap the plug-in to use.


  • If [Start plug-in] is tapped, the plug-in is run.
  • If [Starting plug-in] is tapped on the [Camera settings] screen after the plug-in is run, the plug-in setting screen is displayed (only when the setting screen is available for the plug-in).

Changing the Plug-in Using the Basic App for Computer

  1. Start the basic app for computer.
  2. Select [File] → [Plug-in management] in the menu.
  3. Select the plug-in to run from the plug-in list.
  4. Select [Done].


  • To run or terminate the plug-in, press and hold the mode button.
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