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Shooting Videos Using Only the Camera with the Self-timer Function

This section explains the shooting method using the self-timer function.

  1. Turn on the power of the camera.

  2. Press the mode button to select the video shooting mode.

    • appears on the OLED panel.
  3. Press the self-timer button to turn the self-timer shooting function on.

    • appears on the OLED panel.
  4. Place the camera.
  5. Press the shutter button to start the self-timer.
    • Countdown starts and shooting is started 5 seconds later.
    • During countdown, the countdown sound is heard. Also, the remaining time is displayed on the OLED panel.
      (When the remaining time is less than 2 seconds, the countdown sound interval becomes shorter.)
    • appears on the OLED panel during video recording.
    • Press the shutter button again to stop shooting.
    • The recorded video is saved in the internal memory of the camera.


  • If you press and hold the power button and wireless button to reset the camera while recording a video, the internal memory may become damaged and may no longer be able to save data.
  • Videos may not be transferred to a smartphone depending on the video settings.
  • Videos may not be played back on a smartphone or computer depending on the video settings.
  • The camera may get hot if you record a video for a long period of time or perform shooting multiple times in quick succession. In this case, the camera may stop operating to prevent damage from high temperatures.


  • Videos saved in the internal memory of the camera can be viewed on a smartphone or computer.
  • Videos saved in the internal memory of the camera can be deleted using the basic app for smartphone.
  • The default countdown time is 5 seconds.
  • If the shutter button is pressed during countdown, shooting can be performed immediately.
    (The self-timer is canceled.)
  • To cancel the self-timer, press the mode button.
    (If the remaining countdown time is less than 2 seconds, the self-timer cannot be canceled.)
  • The countdown sound volume is linked to the shutter sound volume.
    (When the shutter sound is off, the countdown sound is off either.)
  • The following operations are not available with the basic app for smartphone while recording videos.
    • Viewing images in the camera
    • Transferring images from the camera
    • Deleting images from the camera
  • The date and time of the camera are synchronized with the smartphone or computer when the camera is connected to the basic app.
  • The camera automatically enters the sleep mode if no operations are performed for a set period of time (default setting: 5 minutes). Shooting is not possible in the sleep mode. Press the power button to enable shooting, and then press the shutter button to perform shooting.
  • If no more images can be captured, delete images from the camera.
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