User Guide

Connecting to a Bluetooth® Accessory

An accessory can be connected to the camera via Bluetooth®.

  1. Turn on the power of the camera.

  2. Set the Bluetooth® accessory to a pairing state or connection standby state.
    • See the manual of the Bluetooth® accessory for details.
  3. Press and hold the self-timer button.

    • The camera enters the pairing state, and flashes on the OLED panel.
  4. Connect the Bluetooth® accessory to the camera according to the manual of the accessory.
    • When the Bluetooth® accessory connection is complete, becomes lit.

Disconnecting the Bluetooth® Accessory from the Camera

  1. Press and hold the self-timer button.

    • turns off, and the Bluetooth® accessory is disconnected from the camera.

Resetting the Bluetooth® Connection Information

When you want to connect another Bluetooth® accessory to the camera or when the accessory cannot be connected correctly, press and hold the wireless button and mode button simultaneously to reset the Bluetooth® connection information.


  • If you reset the Bluetooth® connection information, the wireless LAN password is also reset.
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