User Guide

Names of Camera Parts

This section explains the names and functions of the buttons, lamps, etc. on the camera.

  1. Speaker

  2. Microphone

  3. Lens


    • Be careful when handling the lens section to avoid damage.

  4. Shutter button

    Press to capture images.

  5. OLED panel

    Displays the shooting mode, battery level, etc.

  6. Power lamp

    Indicates the power status. (Details)

  7. Power button

    Turns the power on and off.

  8. Wireless button

    Turns on and off the wireless LAN function (Details) and Bluetooth® function (Details).

  9. Mode button

    Switches the shooting mode.

  10. Self-timer button

    Switches the shooting method between “Normal shooting” and “Self-timer shooting”.
    Enables the connection to Bluetooth® accessories when the button is pressed and held.


    • For the accessories with which proper operation has been confirmed, see the RICOH website.
  11. USB terminal (Micro-B)

    Used to connect the camera to a computer via the provided USB cable. (Details)


    • It may take time for the battery to charge or the battery may not charge at all when a USB cable other than the provided USB cable is used.

  12. Tripod mount hole


    • When using the tripod, take care not to overtighten the screw.

Information Displayed on the OLED Panel

  1. Communication status

    : Wireless LAN function set to on

    : Bluetooth® function set to on

  2. Shooting mode

    : Still image shooting mode

    : Video shooting mode

    , , : Preset shooting mode (You can change the preset shooting mode according to the shooting scene using the basic app for smartphone.)

    : During video recording

    : Camera unit high-temperature warning (Details)

    : Memory capacity warning

    : Error

  3. Battery level / Self-timer status / Bluetooth® accessory connection status

    to : Battery level (100% to 0%)

    : Battery error

    : Self-timer shooting

    : Bluetooth® accessory connected

    : Processing


  • The countdown is displayed on the entire OLED panel during the self-timer shooting.
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