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Names of Camera Parts

This section explains the names and functions of the buttons, lamps, etc. on the camera.

  1. Microphone

  2. Speaker

  3. Lens


    • Be careful when handling the lens section.

  4. Camera Status Lamp

    Displays the processing status of the camera. (Details)

    Lit in white:
    Shooting is possible.
    *Except when captured with HDR rendering set as the auto mode.
    Flashing in white:
    Sleep mode (power saving).
    Flashing in red:
    An error has occurred in the camera.
    Lit in green:
    Shooting is possible with self-timer.
    *Except when captured with HDR rendering set as the auto mode.
    Flashing in green:
    Sleep mode (power saving) for shooting with self-timer.
    Shooting is not possible as no more images can be taken/no more time remains. The lamp is also unlit during shooting.

  5. Shutter button

    Press to capture images.

  6. Wireless lamp

    Displays the wireless status.

    Lit in white:
    Wi-FI function on (connected to Wi-Fi network)
    Flashing in white:
    Wi-FI function on (not connected to Wi-Fi network)
    Wi-Fi function off
  7. Shooting Mode Lamp

    The lamp that corresponds to the selected shooting mode lights. When a lamp is flashing, shooting is not possible because internal processing is in progress. The Still Image Icon and Video Icon lamps flash during the firmware update.

  8. Power lamp

    Displays the power status.

  9. Power button

    Turns the power on/off.

  10. Wireless button

    Turns the wireless function on/off.

  11. Shooting Mode Button

    Switches between the still image capture mode and video capture mode.

  12. USB terminal

    Connect to your computer using the provided USB cable.


    • It may take time for the battery to charge or the battery may not charge at all when a USB cable other than the provided USB cable is used.

  13. Tripod mount hole


    • When using the tripod, take care not to overtighten the screws.

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