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Blurring Still Images

You can blur part of a still image transferred from the camera to the smartphone app.
* Blurring is only available on iOS.

  1. Start the smartphone application
    • The shooting screen will be displayed.
  2. Tap the x in the upper left-hand corner of the screen
    • A screen will appear displaying a timeline of transferred device images.
  3. Select [Device images]
    • [Device images]: Still images transferred from the camera to the smartphone can be edited.
  4. Tap the still image you wish to edit
    • The selected still image is displayed in the viewer.
  5. Tap the image to display the navigation bar, and then tap [Blur]
    • The editing screen is displayed.
  6. Trace the area to be blurred with your fingers
    • The traced area is blurred.
    • The displayed area can be moved by flicking or swiping the zoom out display section of the spherical image.
    To make the blurred area smaller (remove some of the blurring)
    Tap [Cancel]. When the blurred area turns green, trace the area to remove the blurring from with your finger.
  7. Tap [Save new]
    • The edited version is saved as a new still image.


  • The original still image is not deleted when edited versions of still images are saved.
  • When you have selected the image you want to edit, tap and select [Edit with THETA+] to edit the image using the THETA+ app.See the following URL for details on the THETA+ app.
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