- User Guide

Separately Sold Products

  • Attachment for Strap (AT-1)

    Use to attach a strap to the RICOH THETA SC.

  • Soft Case (TS-1)

    Slot-in type storage case that is both functional yet protective.

  • Hard Case (TH-2)

    A sturdy, rainproof case made of transparent polycarbonate.
    Caution: the hard case (TH-1) cannot be used with the RICOH THETA SC.

  • Extension Adapter (TE-1)

    An adapter to prevent interference between parts when attaching a USB cable and tripod to the RICOH THETA SC.

  • Cable Switch (CA-3)

    The shutter button on the cable switch can be used to take pictures in place of the shutter button on the camera.

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