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Shooting Still Images Using Only the Camera

This section explains basic methods for taking photos.

  1. Turn on the power of the camera

  2. Press the shooting mode button to select the still image capture mode

    • Still Image Icon lights.
  3. Position the camera
    • Position the camera as upright as possible.
  4. Press the shutter button

    • The still image that is captured is saved in the internal memory of the camera.
    • When shooting just with the camera, the image size is 5376 x 2688.



  • An accurate date and time are not recorded if images/videos are taken when the camera has never been connected to a smartphone.
  • Orientation information may not be recorded correctly if the camera is tilted when shooting.

Camera Status Lamp

Some lighting statuses of the camera status lamp show that it is not possible to shoot videos. Refer to the following and check the status of the camera.

Lit in blue:
Shooting is possible.
*Except when captured with HDR rendering set as the auto mode.
Flashing in blue:
Sleep mode (power saving).
Lit in red:
An error is occurring in the electromagnetic compass. (Videos can be taken)
Flashing in red:
An error has occurred in the camera.
Shooting is not possible as no more images can be taken/no more time remains. The lamp is also unlit during shooting.


  • The camera automatically enters the sleep mode if no operations are performed for a set period of time (default setting 5 minutes). Shooting is not possible in the sleep mode. Press the shutter button to enable shooting and then press the shutter button again to shoot a video.
  • During sleep mode, the wireless function is turned off and cannot be turned on by pressing the wireless button.
  • If the lamp is lit in red, the electromagnetic compass needs to be calibrated. Move the camera in a figure eight until the lamp turns blue.
  • Orientation information may not be recorded correctly if a magnet or other magnetic item is placed near the camera. In such cases, it is recommended that you calibrate the electromagnetic compass by moving the camera in a figure eight before shooting.
  • If no more images can be shot, delete images from the camera.
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