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Transferring Still Images/Videos Saved in the Camera to a Smartphone

Still images/videos saved in the internal memory, such as photos taken using only the camera, can be transferred to a smartphone. A connection needs to be set between the camera and a smartphone to transfer still images/videos from the camera. (Connecting to a Smartphone)

  1. Press the power button on the camera to turn the power on

  2. Press the wireless button to turn the wireless function on

    • The wireless lamp flashes blue.
    • This does not need to be done if the wireless lamp flashes blue when the power is turned on.
  3. Select the SSID of the camera in the Wi-Fi settings of the smartphone
    • When the wireless connection is complete, the wireless lamp lights blue.
  4. Start the smartphone application
    • The shooting screen will be displayed.
  5. Tap the x in the upper left-hand corner of the screen
    • A screen will appear displaying a timeline of transferred device images.
  6. Select [Cam images]
    • A list of photos saved in the internal memory of the camera is displayed.
  7. Tap [Select] (icon)
    • The screen changes to the Select screen.
  8. Select the still images/video you wish to transfer
    • Multiple still images/videos can be selected.A check mark appears for selected still images/videos.
    • Tap (Select All button) to select all still images/videos. Tap (Cancel button) to cancel all selections.
  9. Tap [Transfer]
    • The transfer starts and the progress is displayed on the screen. When transferring videos, the video size is either 1920 x 960 or 1280 x 640 because the video is converted when saved.
    • To cancel the transfer, tap x and tap [Cancel transfer].


  • It takes a long time to transfer long videos, and the battery may run down during the transfer.


  • [Transfer method] in [Settings] can be used to select whether to keep still images/videos in the camera when they are transferred.
  • Still images and videos on the camera cannot be transferred while shooting video or when in live streaming mode.
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