User Guide

Editing Still Images

You can blur part of a still image saved in the smartphone app.
*iOS Only

  1. Start the smartphone application
  2. Select [App]

    • [App]: Still images transferred to the smartphone can be edited.
  3. Tap the still image to be edited.

    • The selected still image is displayed in the viewer.
  4. Tap the screen to display the buttons, and then tap [Edit]

    • The editing screen is displayed.
  5. Trace the area to be blurred with your fingers

    • The traced area is blurred.
    • The displayed area can be moved by flicking or swiping section (A).
    To make the blurred area smaller (remove some of the blurring)
    Tap [Cancel]. When the blurred area turns green, trace the area to remove the blurring with your finger.
  6. Tap [Save new]
    • The edited version is saved as a new still image.


  • The original still image is not deleted when edited versions of still images are saved.
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