User Guide

Checking and Changing the Camera Settings

Check the status of the camera and configure various settings in the [Settings] screen.

  1. Tap in the app start screen

    • The [Settings] screen is displayed.


The following settings are displayed in the [Settings] screen.

Wi-Fi Status:
Check the Wi-Fi status of the smartphone.
Log in to and out of
Check the connection between the camera and the smartphone.
Transfer method:
Select whether to keep the photos on the camera when transferring photos from the camera to the smartphone. (Selecting a Photo Transfer Method)
Sleep Mode:
Set the length of time before the camera enters the sleep mode (Off/3 minutes/5 minutes/7 minutes).
If no operations are performed for a further 5 minutes after the camera enters the sleep mode, the power turns off.
Camera version:
Check the firmware version of the camera.
App version:
Check the version of the app.
Set a Twitter account.
Set a Tumblr account.
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