User Guide

Viewing Photos in RICOH THETA for Windows®/Mac

Using RICOH THETA for Windows®/Mac allows you to scroll, zoom in and zoom out while viewing spherical images on your computer.

  1. Start RICOH THETA for Windows®/Mac
  2. Select [File] → [Open] in the menu

  3. Select the photo to be displayed
    • The selected photo is displayed.

    • The display screen can be operated as follows:
      Operations with mouse:
      Drag to scroll within a photo.
      Zoom in or out using the mouse wheel.
      Operations with keyboard:
      Zoom in by pressing PgUp.
      Zoom out by pressing PgDn.
      Scroll by pressing ←↑↓→.
    • A full screen display can be launched by selecting [File] → [Full Screen]. Press Esc to close the full screen display.

Exporting Images

Select [File] → [Write with slant top/bottom correction] → [JPEG data with XMP].

Image slant is corrected, and an image is generated with Photo Sphere XMP added.


  • Images that have Photo Sphere XMP meta data added can be shared and viewed as spherical images on various Google services (Gallery, Google Maps, View, Google+, Photos, etc.).

Closing the Photo

Select [File] → [Close] in the menu.

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